A shuttle service from istanbul or Sabiha  airport to hotel is available  and 60 eu extra fees till 4 person per way and times. 




Privileged life fields

About expert our staff with your trip during -most quality service to present for ;


Optional in our rooms ;


High fast wireless internet

TV- Satellite

Mini bar

Guest This treat

bellboy service

Washing washing , dry cleaning , Tailor, Ironing service

Hair drying machine

bathroom hygiene kit there are .



its simplicity And comfort with in our restaurant our cooks prepared by delicious Turkish breakfast you can taste


Breakfast ( breakfast in the hall )                           : 07:00 – 10:00



We do not accept guests under the age of 12 in accordance with the rules of use of pool.


Metro, taxi , tram , municipality to our hotel buses And sea transportation using you can reach


Input - Output hours

at our hotel to the room entrance from the room at 14:00 exit 12:00 pm availability to the state according to This  in the hours change  to do wanting guests to the reception information should give .


Emergency risk analysis Fire And security information your safety for 

You can identify the fire escape route and exit points from the signs and corridor signs in your room.


Emergency exits

Fire And other urgent situations for   Please room gate behind found urgent exit doors And stairs showing evacuation your plan Please review . Urgent cases in your room found telephone Dial 0 with .


Collection fields

For major disasters such as earthquakes, the meeting area designated by the Governorship of Istanbul for this region is Gülhane Park. For other minor emergencies, the meeting area of our hotel is the entrance of our hotel.


fire and security information security alarm when you hear from the hotel leave ,

if from your room your leaving impossible if ,

Activate the nearest fire alarm you can find.

Call the reception (0) and report the situation.     

Do not use the elevator

You can keep your valuables with you or in your safe in the room.


Fire alarm when you hear from the hotel leave ,        

Take your room card and act cautiously.

Do not open the door if the door handle is hot. If not, open it carefully and be cautious to close it again when necessary.

Do not use the elevator.

If there is smoke in the hallway, move as close to the ground as possible.

Crawl on your hands and knees


impossible to leave your room ,

Turn off the air cleaning system.

the reception ( 0 ) of your room number .

Avoid opening or breaking windows in the first place.

Tuck soaked towels, squeegees, curtains, and bed linens between doors and windows, and close air vents.

If smoke enters your room, crackle it with a damp blanket.

If the smoke still continues to fill the room, it may be necessary to open the window a little.

If the windows do not open, break one of them with a chair. However, if flames or smoke are rising from downstairs, avoid opening the window or breaking the window glass.



In emergencies, a doctor is called for a fee. In other cases, our guests are directed to the nearest hospitals.



For your safety, our hotel is monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day. Make sure to use the safes in the rooms for your valuables. For your own safety, be sure to lock the room door before going to bed.


Free internet access

During your stay, you can use the internet service of our hotel free of charge by obtaining the wifi password from the reception .




food and drink

It is forbidden to bring food and drink from outside to our hotel during your stay for health reasons.



Our breakfast is in our breakfast room between 07:00-10:00 in the morning.


Restaurant and Cafe

Our restaurant and cafe area is on the Lobby floor. You, our dear guests, can order non-alcoholic beverages and food 24 hours a day.


key card

Our rooms work with electronic card system. After opening the door, you can plug the door cards into the energy socket next to the door and enable the electrical and electronic materials in your room to work.


Baggage services

After checking out, you can leave your luggage in the luggage room next to the reception until you leave the hotel .

When you leave your belongings, do not forget to take a luggage receipt to avoid any confusion.


bellboy service

Bellboy service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our hotel .


Guest Relations

The guest relations officer is at the front desk to give you all kinds of help and advice.


pets _

Pets are accepted in our hotel only in the disabled room.


Air conditioning And ventilation

When you replace the energy card, your air conditioner and ventilation are working.


Housekeeping services

During your stay, your rooms are maintained in line with your wishes, taking into account the hygiene rules. You can report your room needs to the housekeeping staff or to the reception .




welcome _ tray

We offer Tea-Cofeee facilities in the room .You can have at reception on your check in .Tap Water is not drikable .You can order water from Room service 7/24 .


non smoking rooms

Smoking is not allowed in our hotel rooms and all indoor areas.


Deposit safes

For the safety of your valuables, we kindly ask you to use the safe in your room. We would like to inform you that our hotel management does not accept responsibility for cash, jewellery, passport and other valuables forgotten or found in the room. We kindly ask you to use personal safes so that our valued guests do not encounter these situations.


from room to room call

If you need to call another room from your room, simply pick up the handset and dial 0 and connect  our reception .They will happy to connect your phone to another room as you wish .


Uncomfortable please don't

Please insert the red part of the electronic button inside the room or the card behind the room door to the door, facing out. Or use the electronic system in your rooms.


wake up service

You can benefit from this service free of charge if you notify the guest relations manager of the time you want to be woken up.


Message notification service

During your absence, all messages sent to you are recorded and left in your room.


Laundry , Dry _ cleaning , Tailor, Ironing service

If you need, you can benefit from laundry, dry cleaning, tailor and ironing services within the prices included in the guest service guide . If you put your belongings in the laundry bag and mark them from the list, and inform the guest relations officer or the reception, your belongings will be taken from the room.





Mini bar

The products consumed in the minibar in your room are checked every day and new products are added. The products you use will be added to your room account and invoiced at check-out. Minibar price list is available in the guest service guide.


sewing and Bouquet set

a sewing kit for your use when you need it, and a shampoo, shower set, soap etc. set for your personal use in your rooms.


baby bed

There is free baby bed service in our hotel. You can request a baby bed for your babies and small children.


lost find furniture

You can contact the reception for the items you lost or found in our hotel during your stay .


Car park

There is no indoor or outdoor parking in our hotel. If you wish, the guest relations officer will guide you about the parking lot.


Postal Services

For any of your shipping needs, the guest relations officer will give you the necessary directions.


City tours

Please consult the guest relations manager for any information requests and programs regarding Istanbul and other cities.


taxi service

taxi needs, the guest relations manager will assist you in line with your request.


public transport service and transfer service

Carbon to minimize emissions And sustainability to support purpose with our guests collective transport to your vehicles or  electric tools to use incentive we are doing . guest relations manager will assist you in line with your request


credit cards

Just Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted at our hotel.


Shoeshine _ service

. You can get help from our receptionists to benefit from the shoeshine service .