A shuttle service from istanbul or Sabiha  airport to hotel is available  and 60 eu extra fees till 4 person per way and times. 

By adapting to innovations in the accommodation sector, we are constantly improving ourselves and responding to the needs and expectations of our valued guests with affordable price options . While putting all these into reality , our main goal is to provide maximum benefit to the environment , people and nature without compromising the sustainability principles in tourism .

To be the leader of the sector with the difference we have created in terms of sustainability, quality and guest satisfaction .

· We are passionate about giving our guests the perfect experience.
· Responsibility, respect, and honesty are very important to us.
· We are committed to ethical values and business ethics.
· We believe in human value and invest in people.
· Guest satisfaction is always at the forefront for us.
· has always been our focus for the environment we are in, natural resources and human resources.
· Compliance with legal bases is always our top priority.
· terms of sustainability, environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health and safety, risk and crisis management issues have been our priority. And within the scope of the targets, we have set in this regard, we are committed to continuous improvement.
· We work as a team in everything we do. 
· Our staff is equipped and smiling.
· We work fast and disciplined.

Respecting the legal regulations and the rule of law in all our product and service processes, we act in accordance with the National and International Laws and other relevant laws and other conditions that our institution is obliged to comply with . We follow these legal requirements up-to-date and make an effort to quickly adapt the organization to all the updates of the relevant ministries.


The health and safety of our employees, suppliers and all our stakeholders is our priority. Continuing trainings are given to increase health and safety awareness , risks are constantly reviewed , and we follow technological developments to reduce risks in line with developing conditions and meticulously we are implementing. In order to support local and fair trade, all products and services are purchased from the closest supplier.

All stakeholders opinion, belief We have our freedom and we do not discriminate against anyone in terms of language , religion , race , gender , social class , age and union membership . The protection of human rights is our basic rule.

Our guests are the reason we exist. It enables us to follow up all guest suggestions and complaints from all kinds of sources, to resolve complaints in accordance with the ethical code of conduct , and to turn the complaints into opportunities for ourselves by informing our guests transparently about this issue . We are tired. The fastest possible way for suggestions and complaints made both online channels and one -to - one within the institution. We initiate action in this way and take all necessary precautions to prevent the repetition of the complaint.

By adopting the commitment to protecting the natural environment as a principle in all our activities and by using our resources in the most efficient way , ensuring the prevention of environmental pollution , zero _ Within the scope of k, we show sensitivity by reducing our waste amount and protecting the ecosystem that occurs . In this direction; We deliver all our waste to the relevant local administrative and contracted licensed companies. Relevant receipts we have received from these companies’ ministry of the environment We integrate the necessary projects and action plans to reduce the wastes within the scope of the 0 waste project by processing them into the inner -home system, as well as the studies necessary to reduce these wastes.

to continuously improve our energy performance with infrastructure investments as soon as possible by using our energy resources in the most efficient way and by researching the use of alternative renewable resources in our hotel.
We make an effort to regularly enter all energy consumption values per accommodation into the relevant tracking systems.

It applies the food safety management system throughout the food chain in order to produce and present products in accordance with the principles of quality and food safety, hygiene the terms and conditions We are constantly improving it by keeping it in the foreground. All of our relevant personnel receive regular training on this subject and health screenings are carried out regularly. _ Food and hygiene inspections of the relevant local administrations are regularly carried out in our organization.

Are aware that our children are the building blocks of our future. We care about their freedom and confidence, and their growth without being exposed to any exploitation . While we offer activities to improve their intelligence and skills in the field we have carefully prepared for them, we also strengthen their friendship relations in the groups they participate in .

It makes visits to children 's education foundations in certain periods. Within the scope of social responsibility projects, we support special projects in these foundations.

We are aware of the contribution to the local economy, so 80% of our suppliers and raw materials are local . For sustainable tourism, we make environmentally friendly purchases that produce less energy, water and waste. Our suppliers are selected from the closest suppliers to the region and on-site supplier audits are carried out on a regular basis.

All of our employees are in a healthy and safe environment , under working conditions in accordance with human dignity .We believe that you have the right to work .Our employees are our most valuable asset , and ensuring and protecting the safety of our employees is our top priority business goal.
In order to support all kinds of initiatives that will help the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies and implement the best environmental solutions beyond legal obligations, our hotel will support all kinds of initiatives that will increase environmental awareness. time is ready.
Our social and environmental responsibilities towards the society in Istanbul where we operate; We take care to fulfill our duties in a harmonious cooperation with our shareholders, our employees , the public , non - governmental organizations and other stakeholders .we want.
We believe that our human resources are the most important element of sustainable growth. We ensure that the privacy rights of our employees are used fully and correctly. We are committed to a honest and fair working environment that treats our employees with dignity, non - discrimination , and a safe and healthy working environment .We make the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees , and we take care of the balance between business life and private life .
manage the environmental effects that may arise from any of our activities with a sense of responsibility.
We strive for the development of our society within the framework of the corporate social responsibility principle. We support our employees to be volunteers for appropriate social and social activities in which they will take part with a sense of social responsibility.
To develop approaches to ensure that our partners, especially our suppliers , act at hotel standards in the field of social responsibility , and to implement these approaches  we show care .
Within the framework of occupational health and safety, our employees have taken all the precautions for us and provided the necessary job - related training advanced and annual education program We also show sensitivity in terms of presenting it to our employees in its framework .
We are sensitive to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries in which we operate , and we act in accordance with all legal regulations .

To reach our vision as a hotel.
To meet guest expectations at the highest level and to be an organization first in the sector,
Establishing the founding philosophy with all our personnel, providing continuous improvement , trust in the workplace and service that exceeds the expectations of our guests ,national and international legislation and conditions ; To serve by showing the necessary sensitivity with a preventive approach to food safety risks ,prevent these accidents by minimizing all risks that may endanger the health , safety and work safety of our guests and staff. prevent, To make the quality measurable, to ensure the continuous improvement of the system , to set goals and to ensure the unity of our employees and management ,raising environmental awareness with its staff and leaving a cleaner, healthier and safer environment to future generations are among our priority quality goals.

For the protection and continuity of the inner universe in which we live ;  We use natural resources in the most efficient way in order to protect the environment and nature in which we live , by detecting the negative effects and possible dangers on the environment while carrying out our activities . the waste is reduced , recycling is ensured and environmental pollution is prevented  To minimize the environmental impacts arising from the activities we perform by complying with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations inside and outside the business , to use the resources correctly air , water and noise pollution and their human health  It is important to prevent the negative effects on nature and nature , to protect the health , environment and the continuity of natural life with the trainings we give to our employees . It is the environmental management philosophy of Asur Hotel to protect the environment and to leave a cleaner environment for future generations .
We comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, legislation and regulations, and fulfill all requirements; we improve our activities by constantly improving ourselves .


The aim is to protect our workplace , employees , guests and suppliers , to create a safe work environment and to ensure continuity . with;

· We comply with all legal and other obligations regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
· We adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety and improvement activities are the joint responsibility of all employees. Set targets for participation at all levels in Risk Assessment and Risk Level Reduction activities .
· Achieving the goal of " Zero Occupational Accident " , which is sustainable by constantly improving our Occupational Health and Safety culture We aim for May .
· All of our work within the scope of occupational health and safety , in order to be a pioneer and an example We share it with us and our environment .


in purchasing is to minimize waste and, if possible, not to produce any waste, and . It is to ensure continuity in purchasing . _
Goods-acceptance practices to be applied in the establishment within the scope of this target ;

· When purchasing , products with re - use feature , returnable products or organic products that will not create recyclable waste will be preferred . 
· refillable instead of disposable products and consumables such as glasses, cutlery , boucle materials , if nothing is possible , it is the least harmful to the environment and it is recycled CAN BE PREFERRED.
· Disposable and plastic / paper packaged purchase preference It will not be used for products.
· If the purchase of disposable products and consumables is mandatory ( for example , cleaning materials , stationery products , etc. ) , the purchase , use and recycling of these products ü will be carefully monitored and managed .
· Instruction and instructions on how to direct the recycling of disposable products and to reduce the use of disposable products will be trained on this subject .
· An agreement will be made with animal shelters for waste food , and it will be ensured that the food chain is delivered to the animal shelters without spoiling ..
· products such as disposable pet bottles , cardboard cups, packaged products in the rooms will be removed gradually , and applications such as packaging of used food products and other materials will be terminated . Determining the targets for the purpose and monitoring and reporting the process of compliance with these targets will be discussed at the management review meetings .
· It is important to avoid unnecessary packaging when making a purchase. Paper and plastic cups, plates , cutlery , spoons , water in pet bottles , etc. Glass and metal products with re - use feature will be preferred instead of products .
· Frequently used materials (for example, surface cleaners) will be bought in larger sized packages instead of small sized ones, thus reducing the amount of plastic waste that will be generated .
· is important that the targets for efficient purchasing are clearly documented and announced (where everyone can be seen , shared in digital environments, with a QR code or on the website ) .
· Producing the necessary goods and products from products that do not harm nature and the environment, priority will be given to products with recyclable and eco - labeled products .
· Environmentally certified , especially for wood , paper , fish , other foods and products from wild nature Products and suppliers will be preferred .
· Where certified products and suppliers are not available , the origin and methods of growth or production will be considered .
· Threatened species are not used or sold.
· Procurements that will endanger the extinction of plant and animal products will be avoided.
· Environmentally certified products will be preferred.
· and semi - finished products ) procurement and procurement, Food Law and Legislation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry , Ministry of Health , Health Law and regulations It will be made from suppliers who have the necessary documents in accordance with the TSE Hygiene and Sanitation Systems, in accordance with the purchasing standards, and their products with the relevant certificates.
· Procurement to support local fair trade It will be made from the local dealer within 100 km .
· Procurement will be made from the approved supplier list and local companies that have been subject to the necessary audits .
· Firms supplying goods and products will be audited periodically.
· Care will be taken to ensure that the cleaning, hygiene materials and protective equipment supplied have CE Certificate.
· Priority will be given to suppliers that adopt fair trade practices in agriculture in foodstuffs .
· All commensurate supply Informative trainings will be planned for the relevant persons by the authorized company regarding the use of the products .
· Permission documents of the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry for all food products will be obtained from the supplier companies and stored in the computer environment .
· MSDS safety data sheets of pesticides , disinfection and chemical products used in the kitchen will be procured from supplier companies and stored in a computer environment .
· Safe physical distance rules will not be violated during the acceptance of goods.
· Our personnel working in the acceptance of goods are equipped with personal protective and contaminant they will take their precautions . (Mask, visor, gloves, apron , hand hygiene , etc.)
· Necessary planning will be made in order to prevent the accumulations and accumulations that may occur in the acceptance of fine goods in accordance with the precautions .
· The goods accepted to the enterprises will be sent to the storage areas by disinfection of the parcels and the parcels of the goods that cannot be taken out of their boxes.
· The products that will be given directly to consumption and guest use together with the goods acceptance (receipt) will be able to be put into use after being taken out of their boxes after being disinfected in detail .
· the delivery process , it is recommended that the products taken into the warehouse be kept in our warehouses for at least 12 hours before they are put into use .
· Personal protection and contamination in our business During the acceptance of goods , necessary personal protective equipment will be supplied to the employees of the supplier company who have not taken the necessary precautions.
· Supplier Businesses will be informed in advance by the Purchasing department about these measures and actions taken within the scope of Covid -19 within the business and it is ensured that they act in accordance with these rules within the business .
· Kitchen tools and equipment, steel service sets , glass and porcelain service sets, etc. purchased for the first time . Washable materials will be taken to the equipment warehouse for use after being washed with a dishwasher before being used.
· Waste and return products will be kept in the waste and return area in a controlled manner and delivered to the supplier company .
· Our priority in the products we supply is provided by suppliers who have environmental certificates and take good agricultural practices into account .
· Products with environmental labels issued by the ministry of environment , urbanism and climate for products and packages in contact with food and food , ISO 14001, good agricultural practices , ECO Label of the EU , BRC, Organic agriculture , organic water certificates are selected from suppliers .
· non - food Companies with ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 27001 standards for products are given priority.
· to the legal obligation of animals hunted outside the hunting season or hunting zones of prohibited land animals .
· All products and services will be purchased from the nearest supplier to support local and fair trade.
· Reusable , returnable and recycled We are committed to the priority of the products in the purchasing operation .
· The materials purchased in bulk purchases will be determined, and the purchase process will be carried out in unpackaged and returnable packages, and in cases where this is not possible , in single and large packages .
· The purchase of consumables and disposable products is tracked. And maximum precautions are taken to minimize the amount of waste of these products.

Fossil fuel, greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere during consumption can cause air pollution and various diseases, and cause damage to the clean environment and clean air , which are among the natural resources of tourism , and lead to a decrease in its quality. it is open.
For this reason, we have taken measures to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible .
Among these measures, we measure and monitor our daily-nightly energy consumption and separately measure and monitor the consumed electrical energy, natural gas , and fuel used in vehicles. As a result of these analysis, we take measures to reduce the amount of energy we consume , and have medium - long - term numerical targets and determine a roadmap to reach these targets .
Together with the infrastructure investments to be made in the future, we prefer the energy produced from renewable sources in electrical energy consumption .
equipment that will minimize energy consumption and products with the highest energy saving are preferred. Photocell and LED lightings, energy-saving air conditioning and heating systems, heat pumps are used in our facility. In addition , possible energy losses of the business _ In order to prevent any kind of insulation , insulation, etc. of the building it is in . applications have been made completely.