A shuttle service from istanbul or Sabiha  airport to hotel is available  and 60 eu extra fees till 4 person per way and times. 

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What to see ? To make a selection of cultural attractions of Istanbul, it is difficult as to choose ten articles in a supermarket. Of course, there are the traditional monuments which are always at any booklet. Of course, they should be seen, but truth Istanbul, it is not the bazaar and St. Sophia. For this reason we made a selection for you. Our fallowing councils are by type and not by importance.

- St. Sophia
- The Mosque of Soliman the Magnificent
- Grand Bazaar
- Basilical Cistern 
- Kariye Museum, (old church of St. Salvior stin Chora)

- Archaeological Museum : This museum is one of most beautiful and richest of the City.
- Museum of Sadberk Hanim : Located outside from the city, in the village of Büyükdere. This museum expose splendid Hittite, Byzantine and Ottoman collections inside a wooden house (yali).
- Museum of Industry : Important private museum (Koç), with nice collection.

- Rüstem Pasha : For its human architecture and its splendid tiles of Iznik.
- Sokollu Mehmet Pasha : For same reasons.
- Hamidiye of Yildiz : For its completely original style and its exceptional interior decoration.

- St. Georges of the orthodox patriarchate : Rome of the orthodoxe people.
- Meryem Ana : the most important church of the Assyrians in Istanbul
- St. Mary of the Mongols : the oldest church in function in Istanbul 

SamatyaFener, BalatGalataCukurcuma, GalatasarayTünelSultanahmet, Tahtakale

- Market of Galatasaray : permanent popular market
- Market of Kadiköy : Tuesday and Thursday. Very large market with all the products of the region of Istanbul
- Market of Ulus : one of the most important markets of the City, Thursday.

- Ramparts of Theodose : on 7 km, the ramparts of Theodose skirt picturesque districts.
- The old church of Theodokos Pammakaristos : A treasure of the religious architecture with many mosaics.
- The old church of Constantin Lips : The interior decoration almost completely disappeared,  but this church become mosque, have admirable Byzantine architecture.

- Palace of Ibrahim Pasha : Transformed into ethnographic museum, this palace give an idea of the Ottoman habitat in XVI century
- Palace of Dolmabahçe : One of the most beautiful seraglios of Istanbul which preserved a important part of its original furniture (XIXe century), and beautiful gardens on the Bosphorus. 
- Palace of Yildiz : Residence of the last Ottoman sovereign, with many dependences and a large park equipped with belvederes. Beautiful example of Ottoman architecture of the XIX century.

- Galata Tower : The most important tower of the genoese fortifications (XIV century). Splendid point of view on the palatine hill of old Stamboul.
- Podestat : Old residence of the genoese governors. The interior is not open to the public, but the building is located in the center of genoese district where other houses of XIVe century are visible, like the prison and the genoese court house.

- Imperial Chapel : Hidden the basement of a modern store, this chapel was located in the imperial site of Grand Palace.
- Imperial site of Blacherna : Several palaces were located in the imperial site which that of the last Byzantine sovereign. You can find there two imperial churches.
- The monastery of Stoudion : The old monastery of St. John the Baptist of Stoudion, was the bigest monastic center at the Byzantine time. The monastery was abandoned in the XV century and the church transformed into mosque. The building was seriously damaged by the earthquake of 1894 and was not reopened.

- Topkapi Palace  : The old seraglio of Topkapi contein beautiful collection and present a simple, but interesting architecture. However, the entrance fee is exagered and a big part of the rooms are closed to the public. The no good organised visit of the harem, present no interest. The Turkish citizen visitors pay approximately 10% of the asking price to a foreigner. No reduction to the children or to the students. We dont approve these discriminatory methods.
- The Blue Mosque : It is an important imperial mosque which can be visited free, like all the other mosques. However, its architecture havent nothing exceptional to compare with others (for example The New-Mosque, the mosque of the Conqueror, the mosque of Yavuz Selim, the mosque of Prince Mehmet or the incomparable mosque of Soliman). This mosque is no priority to visit.
- Egyptian Bazaar, so called Spice market : the bazaar become very turistical place and now the products are very expensive. The small steets in the West of the bazaar, are cheaper. The Turkish delights are better at the market of Galatasaray and the caviar is cheaper. Recently, the merchants of the Spice bazaar claiming for justify the prices, the Turkish delights are made with honey.... The Turkish delights with honey doesnt exist.

- Test a little no touristic hammam
- Smoke the water pipe. The most known coffee shop are located at Tophane
- Turkish pastry are exquisite. Test the Turkish delights, baklavas, profiteroles, or helva
- The best of the Turkish cuisine are the mezes. They are tasted particularly in the meyhane (special meze and fish restaurants). The meyhane of Galatasaray, on the Golden Horn or in Samatya, are very popular
- Look the first sunset of the European continent, on the Gold Horn
- By you stay one week in Istanbul, you have time to escape to the Bosphorus or to the Princess islands, the magic places which only the evocation of the names, make a dream
- Look a ceremony of wrestling dervish, like the formerly travellers...
- Drink the tea in Pera Palace Hotel or in the Grand Hôtel de Londres, two old de luxe hotels of the time of the Orient Express train
- Look a ceremony to the orthodox patriarcate on Sunday
- Take a brunch in an imperial palace on the Bosphorus
- Go to the barber for Mister or Manikür for Madam, for a ridiculous price
- Drink raki or vodka-cherry in a roof bar in Pera, with sight on the palatine hill
- Eat soup with the tripe like Stambouliots to a little restaurant at 4.00 A.M...